Business Marketing

ministryofoutsourcing business marketingEvery businessman must know something about marketing but what most of them know is the old style marketing, marketing that today is known as offline marketing and few of them know about the new online marketing. Online marketing, referred to as digital marketing has become necessary as 50% of all media is now digital and so to cater to that digital world, digital marketing is becoming essential if a business is to be successful. As few businessmen know about online marketing, businesses like are being hired to assist them. These are businesses which know about digital marketing, the creating of websites, SEO applications and the digital world in general, including apps.

Digital marketing has been referred to as online marketing because the vast majority involves the internet and businesses having websites on it. The website has now become the shop window for a business and so just as the shop window has to look impressive in order to be effective, a website most look good to be effective. It is for this reason that although businesses could create their own websites, many opt to use professional website designers to at least assist them.

A professional knows what appeals to internet users and tries to incorporate as many of those appealing features as possible to a website. A good site map is one of a website’s appealing features as is a home page that is pleasing to the eye. A clearly marked contacts page may also be an asset that a professional could include plus of course high quality content. High quality content means content free from grammatical errors and of relevance to the website as well as being interesting and up to date.

The quality of the website will not matter though if no one visits it and so an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist will add SEO strategies to the site to ensure that it is visited. Keywords are probably one of the most used strategies by SEO specialists and what these keywords do is make a website noticeable to the search engine when it is asked to do a relevant search. As the search engine notices the website with the keywords, it will place that site at the top of its list of search results. This means that a website which uses the keywords does not appear in the hundreds of the list of results where it would never be seen but will at the very least, appear on the front page.

Advertising is still used with online marketing but in this case, the advertising is in the form of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising where an amount is paid for either the number of times the ad is clicked on or the number of times the site where it is located is visited. Another method used by SEO specialists is to place links to your website on other, more popular websites and these are called back links which can be effective if both the host site and the linked site have similar interests.